one of the reasons that i wanted to become pilot is because I read St ex.

I wanted to discover new lands and meet different people .it seem a typical topic ,I admit ,but I did all my possible to meet other people ,other cultures.

I went to Paraguay ,to fly and meet los Guaranis ,

,I was in Angola ,flying for a NGO,.I flew in Algeria to know better the country that saw me born.I lived in the united  states a while …From 15 years I moved to Spain to be more sedentary.

After many years of experience, 

But I compensate 

i think there are no places where so much nationalities and different social classes can be found such as in a so small space than in an aircraft.. .one day I speak to a prime minister the other day to some immigrant that have escaped from their countries ,to live a less worth life …

Those pictures show this melting pot that i meet everyday ,we do not have time to talk philosophy but those short time that I share with the cleaners ,passengers ,rich, medium class ,student… teach  me a lot about people and about myself.

Even sometimes I am upset with the working condition that are getting worse every day ,I still do realise that I am a priveliegious ,having a job that I love and that brings me a lot of pleasure .

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