I have a relation with Algeria  that serge Gainsbourg translate very well in one of his song,je t time moi non plus ,it could be like I love you, me neither.

I was born in Algeria and when I was 5 years old ,we escaped my father has to escape because of his politics ideas .My mother French ,and catholic ,my father muslim ,Algerian arrived in Paris with only 1 bag.After living in Fran

Now I am living in Spain ,but when I was 32 years old I decided to go there ,to know better this  country that I knew only by summer to visit my grandparents.I arrived there when the civil was about to finish .

my uncle help me a lot to start living there.the first contact It was like going to the moon .And little by little ,I met some people ,that facilitate my stay there.I started to make pictures ,it was a kind of a  diary but in pics.A way to count what I was facing everyday and to …..

My grand parents have 6 children,2 are living in Europe,4 in Algeria and everyone from a different social class.Through them and the people i have met ,It  has allowed me to understand better what is Algeria and what is my link to this country.

I am still not sure about my real Identity where am i am coming from?

4 years ago   I found a member of my French  family mother ,and I never thought that it was going to help me .

My mother was brought up by his grand parents because she was abandoned by her parents ,so my French side was almost inexistent .and because finally we found Maneth ,an old aunt of my mother ,with pics of my grand grand parent dead during the 1st war world, that helps me a lot to realize that I I was able to revendicate my French blood .

I left Algeria after 4 years of stay ,I still go there ,I need it .

Those pics are a mixture of what I I assume to be and other things a way to exorcise some point of my personality that I deny ,but they help me to build my self and being one and not broken in several pieces.

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